One day at a time…

Trust me when I tell you that adulting isn’t easy. You have to deal with stuff that you never thought you would have to one day and you got to do it all on your own. And to add to that, being in a foreign land is definitely not easy with the addition of losing the sense of familiarity.

I was having a pretty bad week with the loss of my grandfather. This was really bad as I am staying away from my family now and I couldn’t be there for them and for the last rites of my grandfather. To top that, I had an exam on the very day I got the news from my home. Trust the universe and its timing right!!!

Given that I had my exams (currently doing my Masters), I just locked up my grief and was all over the place because of that. Once I had my exam done and dusted, I thought that it was time to grieve him. After I completed my part-time job today at the university and was heading home, I decided to take an impromptu trip to Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral. As I was walking with River Lee by my side, I knew that I was right in taking the detour.

The moment I laid eyes on the majestic cathedral, I felt all my worries wash away. It was mesmerizing and cathartic. As I slowly walked in taking in the majesticness, I entered the church. At the very moment, I was inside the cathedral, I felt at peace. I took a slow tour and soaked in the tranquillity. I also spoke to the tour guide about the history of the church and learnt quite a bit about it.

St. Finn Barre’s Cathedral
The high altar

As time passed by, the tour guide and I ended up talking and he was one of the sweetest people I have come across. We spoke about our life journeys and I ended up sharing the fact about my loss. He asked me if I would like to light a candle in memory of my grandfather and I did end up doing it. I felt at peace and felt my burden lightening a bit. He also went on to tell me that I had an aura of peace in me and that compliment really made my day. He then went on to give me a goodie from the gift shop. We ended up sharing our contacts and promised to stay in touch.

The candle I lit in memory of my grandfather

As I was walking back home all happy, I ended up meeting this cute little munchkin Simba who again made my day with his love.


Sometimes all you need during a bad time is love and kindness. A complete stranger came out of nowhere and actually made my day by just being kind. A dog made me happy just by showing love without judgements. It does not hurt to be kind and it costs nothing. This is a reminder to be kind, spread love and take it one day at a time. I guess you got to trust the universe and its timing after all.